sport net made in Kilmore

Sports & Fitness Nets

GAA | Soccer | Golf | Tennis | Hurling net and much more

We custom make all our nets to match your specifications. Our most popular products include Goal and Ball Stop Nets for GAA and Soccer, both in domestic and professional settings. We provide a wide range of netting products for many other sports such as Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball etc.

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rack netting

Rack Netting | Cargo Nets | Skip Nets | Enclosure Nets

All our netting solutions for Industry and waste management are UV stabilised HDPE nets with a rope edged finish to ensure strength and durability. In environments where exposed or stacked inventory could fall through your rack system and pose a risk to personnel and …

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custom net

Hammocks | Art Installations | Play nets and much more…

We can custom make nets to fit any requirement. This ranges from functional and practical solutions to recreational and artistic projects. We have gotten some very interesting requests over the years including bespoke staircase handrail netting, water park decorative nets and we even supplied nets to a contestant on RTE’s Super Gardens in 2019…

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Bird Exclusion Net

Fruit Cage Nets | Bird Control| Pond Nets

Birds can impose problems in many different settings, from domestic to commercial. Our Bird Nets provide the perfect solution that is cruelty free and environmentally friendly. Some of our more popular products: Pond Nets: protection from Herons and other birds and from fallen foliage…

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hurling net

hurling net, hurling net